A Healing Movement.

Independence and Hope.

Cornerstone Assisted Riding & Equitherapy makes a difference in the lives of children and adults!

Providing Equitherapy since 1985     |     Located in Napa, CA


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Welcome to Cornerstone Assisted Riding & Equitherapy

We provide a therapeutic horseback riding program and equine-oriented activities for children and adults.  Through equitherapy we help our students achieve not only physical strength, but also gain self assurance, the ability to learn new skills, increased willingness to communicate and an overall better quality of life.


We have been in operation since 1985 and are an entirely volunteer and not-for-profit organization with 501 c3 status.  We welcome anyone with a desire to get involved, as a student, volunteer, or by donating a horse. We also have a need for riding supplies and contributions to help with the funding of our programs.



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Why Equitherapy?


C.A.R.E. offers Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies, or EAAT. Activities such as ground work, grooming, therapeutic ride and other equine assisted activities have proven inspiring physical and emotional rewards.


Through Equitherapy we engage the participant's mind and body to promote:

- Increased self-esteem and confidence

- Improved balance and posture

- Muscle strength

- Flexibility and communication

- Circulation and breathing

- Social skills and patience

How C.A.R.E Helps






Cornerstone Assisted Riding & Equitherapy C.A.R.E.